You are not able to manage renting your property or just want a break?

Free up your time, we are here for you, partners, not agents.

Realty Manager can manage the issuance of your property and take care of issuing invoices, rent payments, overheads and other, all that instead of you. As a proactive landlord, he can make sure that the property is used in a good way and he can organize all repairs, in accordance with the obligations of the landlord during the lease.

In the case of using this service, landlords do not pay a commission for the lease of the object, and in case of switching the tenant, Realty Manager without additional costs and effort for the landlord approaches the lease of real estate.
Price: 5% of the monthly rent + VAT (Min. 1 year) / month
  • All costs of repairs are borne by the lessor and are made only after approval;
  • Realty Manager does not assume the risk of inability to collect rent or overheads, but undertakes to immediately inform the lessor in case of delay, and, with consent, activates the protective mechanisms of the lease agreement;
  • In the case of non-using the property in a good manner, Realty Manager will approach the protection of the rights of the lessor and activates all the mechanisms provided by the contract, in accordance with the contractual rights of the lessor, with consent.